Hotmail Sign in is not a difficult task for Microsoft Outlook users. One just needs  to browse Hotmail login page and enter the User Name & Password to access the Hotmail inbox.

Hotmail is a free webmail communication tool to compose, send & receive emails online. It is highly recommended to use encryption ‘HTTPS’ to meet the secure sign in standards, make a habit to type while browsing. Outlook is the modern name of Microsoft Hotmail which is equipped with latest features and options.

Hotmail users can login with single-use code option directly from the screen of Hotmail sign in OR also known as This option is of great use in unforeseen events when it’s important to sign in Hotmail account from public places via public Wi-Fi signals. By using Single-use code Microsoft will send an authentication code to your phone number to access the Hotmail inbox once. Every time you will use Single Code Sign in Option, Hotmail will send the authentication code to login only once.

The Screen Picture of Hotmail Sign In:

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Open the Outlook sign in screen, enter the Phone Number or User ID and Password. Press the blue ‘Sign in’ Button and task in finished. Hotmail will load the new Outlook inbox interface to write up new messages. If you are unable to Sign in Hotmail then make sure that you’ve not entered the wrong Username and Password.

Type again with correct Username, then re-Entering the Password will definitely complete the sign in process. One may forget Hotmail password, in that case, password recovery option is a handy tool. Use the ‘Can’t access your account’ link, move to > options. Enter the mobile number and alternate email address to complete the verification process. Outlook will send the verification code to your mobile, enter the code at new windows field and reset the old password.

Unable to Reach my Hotmail Account in Foreign Country

Can’t Sign In: Sometimes you travel outside the country and maybe you’re unable to sign in Hotmail com account. Because you are at the new computer or may be from your mobile device have a new internet connection. Hotmail will automatically detect the location and assume the device or Internet connection alien. So don’t worry, you just need to verify yourself with authentication code as one does while recovering a forgot password.

Hotmail Login Explained Again, for Fresh Users Who Need More Details

Login to Hotmail account is very easy to sign in with Enter the User ID and Password and press the Sign in button. If not already a member learn how to Create new Hotmail account then come here to read the sign in process. Opening a Hotmail account is an easy process and webmail service is totally free. Follow the simple steps to fill the personal information to access Hotmail inbox in few seconds.

  • To login to your email account, open the browser and enter the URL in the address bar. This will redirect you to the don’t confuse it is the domain which will direct you to your Hotmail inbox.
  • Now enter your email address in the very first field at the right side of the screen image you can see above just under the OUTLOOK LOGO
  • Then in the next field enter the password which must be relevant to the specified username you have entered above.
  • Now press the sign in, the button just below the credential fields.

Important TIP for Users Having Shared Devices: Don’t enable the option saying ‘Keep me signed in’ if other people are also using the same device to access internet, This can help in breaching your personal emails. This option takes you directly to your email inbox when you write in your browser moreover, no password or email address is required.


Troubleshooting: When One Unable to Sign in Hotmail Account

If one is unable to sign in to Hotmail account first of all, check the password again you are trying to enter and check the upper and lower case letters specifically.

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  • Check your CAPS Lock button enabled OR disabled?
  • See the spellings of your email address are correct?
  • Check the domain name which you write after your username.
  1. If all is right and you are unable to login to your account then press the button on the Hotmail sign in screen saying “can’t access your account” or proceed directly to Can’t access your account
  2. On the screen select the relevant option, that you think you have encountered with, and press the “NEXT” button.
  3. Enter the email address which is making problem and fill-up the characters you see in CAPTCHA.
  4. Click on next, and select the option by which you are going to verify your identity and ownership to the Hotmail account.
  5. You will receive the information by the method you selected to prove and verify your identity.