Hotmail ID


How to create the Hotmail ID, if you are new user then stay with us to make your brand new Hotmail email with unique email address and password.

Sign up Outlook, to create the new Hotmail ID, it’s a simple process. Generate the email account by browsing and enter the information like first name, last name, date of birth, user name which often called as email ID.

Hotmail new interface is Outlook. Outlook 2016 Features: Video Source (Microsoft Official Site)

How to Create Hotmail ID

There are alternatives to Create Hotmail ID, one can get it either way OR another. No matter which type of option is used for making your new Hotmail ID its all way same.

But comparatively Sign up form of Hotmail is a bit lengthy if compared with of Gmail. However there is no other way to escape from filling Hotmail sign up form, it is mandatory one.

Remember as a caution that, if anyone of the provided information is wrong, you can lose your account near in future. The handy information about yourself is required by Hotmail including birth date, sex, mobile number & Current email. powers the email address with ending address as,, OR it’s all about Hotmail. An upgrade is upcoming soon to the interface of Hotmail inbox, which adds more value to the performance, power, security & reliability of course.

New Hotmail ID Verification

On occasions Outlook prompts every users to verify the Hotmail ID, this is due to making sure that original person is using Hotmail account.

Why Hotmail Asks For Verification?

Some ‘automated programs are used by Spammers’ to create email accounts to send junk emails. It’s one of the main among other reasons why Hotmail require to verify your account by sending codes. While you send a first email from your new Hotmail account, it shows you a random series of characters. As an option one can listen to audio of this code while having problem in reading. This is just to verify that a human is using Hotmail ID not a robot.

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Adding Other Email Accounts To Hotmail Inbox

A very useful feature that Outlook offers is ‘Multiple Email Accounts Handling‘ like adding Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL & others in one place. It is comparatively a very attractive feature of Hotmail that allows to add up to 5 other email accounts in Hotmail Inbox. This adds more simplicity and ease of use to just login one place and see emails of all other 5 email accounts.

To add an additional email account at your New Hotmail Account, click on settings icon at upper right corner.

 Go to Options from the drop-down menu, wait a bit until options in left pane loads.

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From here move to this navigation Mail > Accounts > Connected Accounts. Adding the new accounts to Hotmail is not a bit tricky task, follow the simple prompts on the screen, as you see in the image below.

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How to Unblock My Hotmail Account


Why Hotmail Blocks an Account

Automatic systems of Hotmail blocks an account on which it detects any unusual activity or complete inactivity. Getting a blocked account message when you sign in to my Hotmail is a little frustrating but in long run it is in interest of user. Microsoft just want to prevent you and others from any abuse or misuse of Hotmail account. That’s why it blocks certain accounts that do not meet the standards or on the other side any misuse is detected.

How Do I Unblock/Reactivate My Hotmail:

To reactivate your my Hotmail, sign in to your Microsoft account. Ask for a security code text just by entering the registered phone number for that Hotmail account. Now change the password after successful attempt for identity verification.

Step Wise Images While UNBLOCKING Hotmail Account:

1. The Blocked Hotmail Account Screenshot When you Sign in Your Email ID

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2. At Next Enter the Phone Number, Then click on Send Code

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3. Enter the Access or Verification code in the Space you can see in the Image below.

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4. CONGRATS, Your Hotmail has been Unblocked, start communicating with friends.

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Still Unable To Unlock My Hotmail Account:

The above way for unlocking my Outlook account works for about more than 95% of users, however the remaining five percent still have issue. So, if you applied the above procedure but all in vain, then you have to contact the customer support.

Out there one can find many fake portals asking for money to get your account reactivate. Event some of them also claims as official Hotmail customer service provider. Do not share any type of personal information with any such type of fake names and brands, not even your Hotmail ID.

Contacting Hotmail Customer Service, For Account Unblock

To Unlock your Hotmail Account this is the Official Customer Service Link

Hotmail always takes the account security very crucial, as it is the foundation of trust, a user place on entity. That’s why Hotmail makes available a procedure to identify the real person or account holder to give the account back to it’s man.

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You first need to sign in and then have to provide some information about your account. The more information you give, the easier will be the recovery process. An alternate email must also be given, on which a representative from Hotmail will contact you just in 24 hours.

Benefits to Create a Hotmail Account – New Outlook Add-Ins


Why Create a Hotmail Account: Hotmail is much more just than a simple Email likewise Gmail, Yahoo or others. From Outlook inbox to Outlook mobile it’s just a fantastic experience, on which one can say nothing except perfectly wonderful. Hotmail just aims to be on top by giving people what matters to them. It covers the users from a student to bureaucrats.

Although it can’t be said that it is a perfect app and nothing left to add as a new feature in it. The improvements are on the way on regular basis, however, my personal experience with Outlook is unforgettable if compared to Gmail or Yahoo!.

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One Should Overlook Benefits Prior He/She Create a Hotmail Account

The Outlook Calendar is the better place to see your to-dos list in one place and schedule your whole day with just a few clicks. With its help, one can access Wunderlist, Facebook, and Evernote in Outlook for both iOS and Android. You can now enjoy the features and see the events, tasks, and notes all at a place.

When you sync the calendar with Outlook, it will give a perfect experience to present your day, week, and entire month at all. Microsoft works hard to give you an experience where you can access all the things for managing and collecting things from personal and professional life.

Outlook Introduces The all new Add-ins

A range of add-ins provides users of Outlook an experience which is unforgettable and the users miss the features if one moves to another client. Some of the most famous and most used app we will discuss on, these add-ins are available for, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 and Outlook on the web users.

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With Uber add-in you can set reminders on the calendar right from your inbox, and when the time reaches you will get a notification and with a tap the call will be on the way to confirm you Uber Ride.


On the other side, PayPal add-in for Outlook allows paying the dinner bill directly from Hotmail inbox. Moreover directly send money to any person, friend or relative with this Outlook extension.


With Yelp add-in for Outlook, you can get access to find or suggest a restaurant, pub, coffee shop. In addition to this, it also allows you to see reviews, picture, addresses, phone number with the help of your Outlook App.


Boomerang is another extension for Outlook inbox to schedule and make emails send at a future time. Moreover, Boomerang’s calendar assistant helps to plan meetings and notify others with just one email. This also notifies you if next person doesn’t response to the email you send.


The Evernote add-on helps you to extract any specific text from your notes and add it in the Outlook email you are writing. It also allows you to save emails to Evernote directly from your Outlook Inbox.


The Giphy add-in helps you to search the GIF library which is world’s largest place of images. You don’t need to go into any other page, just stay in you inbox and Outlook will take care of your image searches.


Wunderlist add-in allows you to make To-Dos list by using your Outlook inbox, later on when the time comes for a specific task Outlook will notify you before the set time to prepare your mind.

Hotmail SMTP Settings – Configure SMTP Server of Hotmail

Hotmail SMTP Settings:

Server name, Hotmail SMTP user name: your Hotmail account. Hotmail SMTP password: your Hotmail password. Hotmail SMTP port is 25 or 465

Due to a great public email service, some users want Hotmail inbox on external email handling software for desktop or PC. Many alternatives are available including Mozilla Thunderbird likewise Microsoft Outlook for desktop. For this purpose one will need to setup the external email client software and use the settings as available below.

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Important Information For Email Marketers Using Hotmail SMTP

If setting up your Hotmail SMTP server to initiate an online campaign, then it may be a bad idea. Hotmail restrict the user to send email from more then a specific number while using SMTP server. The limit in which one is bound to send mails using Hotmail account is 300 emails per day and each mail can contain maximum of 100 recipients. This is just to prevent the abuse or misuse of Hotmail services which spammers can easily do without this limit.

Hotmail IMAP Settings With POP3 For

The Hotmail IMAP settings one must need if he/she setup the email account on any desktop application. First you have to configure your Hotmail account in outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or Outlook for desktop app.  Select either IMAP or SMTP as an outgoing email server both offer secure and encrypted connection.

Hotmail IMAP Settings

 My Hotmail is now and is providing perfect public email service for free, the user experience for personal account holders is perfect. Although the email service is holding a huge business class account users. But on the other side the Hotmail IMAP account settings is not an ideal one for those, who have to send bulk of emails daily. The maximum threshold is 300 per day with a recipient limit of 100 per email.

At below here we have written down the details how to setup IMAP at HOTMAIL Account while using settings from software.  You can set it up from ‘Add new Email account’ settings. But before doing this you need to set more advance settings to press settings button.

Hotmail Account Hacked – What To Do?

Hotmail account hacked? If you confront with a situation and got your account hacked, it may be a bad experience for you. Fortunately, Hotmail serves a way to recover your hacked account, out in the market there are many websites claiming for money to get your account back. Do not hear of these people, it is scam and charge money for nothing. Reasons which can lead your Microsoft account hacked must be further investigated.

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Tricks Commonly Practiced to Hack Microsoft Account 

Hackers use different methods to get your password for your Hotmail account, these methods includes MALWARE, PHISHING & OTHER INTERNET SOURCE.

  1. Malware Method works on your computer and it collects your searches and keystroke behavior from your computer and sends it to the hacker.
  2. In Phishing Method, different tricks are used to trap in a user and manage the computer to send saved password to a hacker.
  3. In Other Internet Sources, a hacker can get your password from a site of which you are a member with same email account & password. Or you have emailed your password to anyone which is not sync and hacker broke into it. There are many other options available depending on your usage of internet.

Hotmail Email Settings – Mail Server Settings

Hotmail Email Settings: POP3 and IMAP access are available to and Windows Live Mail users. See below for IMAP and POP3 email account settings. Want to use an email account handler for Hotmail, learn how to configure Hotmail email settings on it. Technically and commonly some also call it as POP3 live Hotmail settings. You can manage the incoming messages by connecting Microsoft Outlook by using a POP email account to Hotmail external client software.

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Don’t worry configuration is a very simple process and involves some technical terms which are available below. Your official server name for Windows live Hotmail POP server is

How to Block Emails on Hotmail – Outlook

Hotmail a free webmail platform by Microsoft which is now offers you to block an email or entire domain. Here we guide about how to block emails on Hotmail or live account in easy steps. It is estimated that a huge percentage of total emails sent in the world is covered by spam or junk emails. So this is obvious that you will also receive some emails in your Hotmail inbox which are spam. Everyone out here wants to block such crap stuff from your email inbox, so here is alternatives to handle such things.

What is New in Inbox


It’s simple because Hotmail inbox gives access to certain features and one can access many of the features.

Why One Needs Access to Hotmail Inbox?

Image Source: Inbox Inbox Rules give a shining feature to the service, this makes the Hotmail mailbox easy to organize and make it clean. These rules make the inbox works automatically when specific rule criteria meet the situation. One can use these rules to shift emails from specific sender to the set folder. Moreover one can mark a sender to delete all the messages right away before reaching the inbox.

Hotmail Mailbox – Increase Mailbox Storage


if you imagine Hotmail mailbox is gossip, of course it is not true because Hotmail is the perfect email solution for free email usage and gigantic popularity of mailbox features is the reason why people do love and highly rate the email services.

Why not, because mailbox of Hotmail is equipped with powerful email features and you can enjoy it by doing the simple process of Hotmail sign up. Don’t worry if you are using other popular email services but remember all exciting mailbox mail features are very convenient for new users.

Just try the Hotmail engaging service by vising now to browse the and fill the simple information, create unique ID, strong password and complete the sign up steps. After that you will be redirected to Hotmail mailbox and let’s start communicating messaging by using Hotmail email service.